AA HotLine Now Available: Call if you need help with your drinking problem! (don't call for rides, etc. - this number is for helping you Not Drink!) 801-857-7294

We too have faced the Four Horsemen of Alcoholism; Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, and Despair. And we have found there is a solution

We have found a new freedom and happiness, We no longer regret our past. We know serenity and peace. But we keep what we have by sharing our solution with other alcoholics, so please help us by letting us share the solution with you.

There is no pressure. No dues or fees. No requirements at all. You simply come and listen. And you will find yourself surrounded by people who understand your pain, because we are either feeling the same, or have felt it in the past. 

We understand. You are not alone.

Alcoholism is a disease. Not a moral failing. You are sick, not bad. We know, because we are alcoholics who have learned how to keep our disease in remission. We love you even when you don't love yourself.

Please join us. We meet in multiple places at multiple times on every day.  

Daily Reflection

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