If you would like to make a donation, please call Manager Robin's cell 801-347-7101 We can accept a check & credit card over the phone.

Groups that are open (for now)
  • Pleasant Grove - Friday - night Women's meeting - 7 pm
  • All PG meetings are still open, except for the Monday meeting

Zoom Meetings!
  Rule 62  Zoom ID: 748 655 391 PW: 729480

Sisters in Sobriety Mondays @7:00 PM 
ZOOM ID: 480 806 426 (no PW)

But For The Grace of God Thursdays 5:30 pm 
Zoom ID: 888 717 737

            Living Sober Group-Palace will be hosting meetings:
                    7 PMdays a week Zoom ID:512 840 028 
                    NOON Mon thru Friday Zoom ID:512 840 028
                    2:00 pm Discussion Sundays  Same ID   

See the updated meeting guide for all Zoom meetings and codes

Utah Valley Central Office is currently closed per the Governor 
and the CDC guidelines   

If you need something while we are closed please call 
Manager Robin R. 801-347-7101 (cell) 
We will make arrangements to make it happen.

Grapevine and La Viña are here to help

Due to the current changing health situation, many AA meetings across the U.S. and Canada are finding it safer to close. To help members during this time, we are giving everyone free access to all of our 2020 Grapevine and La Viña issues. (The audio to Grapevine’s stories will be available as well, so people can listen to the stories if they like.) Please share with your fellows. We have also included a link to our Youtube channel with some original audio stories as well as other important information.

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